Marli Johnson

REV: Marli can you tell us a little about yourself? Who are you, what do you do, and what are your thoughts on the creative community here?

MARLI: Well, I’m Marli! I am a Louisiana photographer based out of Shreveport. I mostly shoot weddings and all things ‘couples’, but I do have an equal love for lifestyle, family and senior photography! I’m a mom, a wife! I absolutely love meeting and serving people! I personally love the creative community that Shreveport offers! There is so much talent and everyone is so welcoming and inclusive of each other which I love! I haven’t met a single creator that isn’t willing to befriend you, build you up, and teach you something new. So thankful for people like Justin and his family who are contributing to this community by providing amazing places for us to grow our businesses and have the opportunity to collaborate with one another!

Check out her recent work for Branded Boutique, photographed in the studio.

You can find more of Marli’s work on her website and Instagram.