Jared Navarre

In the often overlooked city of Shreveport, Louisiana, a remarkable blend of talent, friendship, and creative vision came to life as we embarked on a journey with our friend, Jared Navarre (@jaredlnavarre). A talented Photographer and Motion Designer for Romph and Pou, Jared’s artistry shines through his captivating work. Inspired by a shared dream, we set out to materialize a creative, controlled light photoshoot that we’ve been talking about for almost a year. Today, we invite you to join us as we pull back the veil and reveal the magic that unfolded.

The Vision:
We yearned to break free from conventional photography and explore uncharted territories of artistic expression – to create for the sake of creating. Inspired by Jared’s ideas, we embarked on a journey to manifest our vision, and we’re proud of the results.

Crafting Magic In-Camera:
Our vision for this photoshoot became a reality through the masterful use of in-camera techniques. Jared’s expertise in various methods, including shutter drag, multiple exposures, and light painting, infused each frame with an ethereal quality that is nothing short of breathtaking. By manipulating light and space, we crafted visual symphonies that evoke emotions and spark curiosity, inviting viewers into a realm where the possible and the impossible harmoniously coexist.

The more you know technically, the more you can achieve creatively. —Jeremy Cowart

The Enigmatic Cast:
No creative endeavor is complete without a stellar cast to breathe life into the vision. Our photoshoot became a stage inhabited by the captivating presence of Bryt Grant (@brytnygrant) and Sage Wilison (@sagetheworld). These models, embodied the essence of our shared dream, their spirits intertwining seamlessly with the luminous tapestry of light. And guiding us throughout the journey was our invaluable assistant, Matt Weeks (@mweeksdotcom), whose support, expertise, and keen eye elevated our artistic endeavor.

As we draw the curtains of this behind-the-scenes reveal, we hope you have felt the spark of inspiration that Jared Navarre and our creative team collectively ignited. Through our shared passion for photography and the desire to push artistic boundaries, we brought our dreams to life, casting luminous spells upon the canvas of reality. Let our journey serve as a reminder to never surrender the power of imagination, the strength of friendship, and the beauty of embracing the unknown. Now, it is your turn – step into the realm of possibility, let your creativity soar, and paint your own masterpiece upon the canvas of life.

Equipment Used:
Canon r5
Canon 24-105mm II
Profoto B1x
Profoto D1
Optical Shoot

Photography – Jared Navarre
Assistant – Matt Weeks
Model – Bryt Grant
Modell – Sage Wilison
Place: Revelator Studio
City: Shreveport, LA

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