Christi Martin

I’m Christi Martin Nutt, a portrait photographer based in Shreveport, LA. I’ve had a camera in my hand for well over a decade and have no plans to put it down anytime soon. 
I have a candid style and a laid back vibe. I love capturing honest moments and telling stories through imagery. This is the only job I’ve ever wanted, even as a child. So, I’m just out here living my dream and enjoying every bit of it. I hope we can work together soon.

Natalie Parnell

Photography came to me in 2008 but I had a love for capturing life moments long before then. Shooting family & Senior Portraits is my jam!!! I specialize in child led photography, my goal is to capture the raw moments, the in between, the emotion, the moments you are your authentic self. Thats when the magic happens!

Micaela Rizzo

Micaela Rizzo is an event planner in TX and LA. With her boundless imagination and meticulous attention to detail, she transforms ordinary spaces into unforgettable experiences. Micaela’s innate ability to understand her clients’ unique visions allows her to curate enchanting events that leave guests in awe. Whether it’s an elegant soirée or a vibrant celebration, Micaela’s passion for creating memorable moments shines through in every endeavor.

Nicole Marquez

Nicole is an imaginative and skilled visual storyteller, passionate about capturing authentic moments that you can cherish for a lifetime. As more than a photographer, she artfully weaves together emotion and technique to create a unique and lasting portrayal of your experiences. With Nicole’s keen eye and talent, your real-life moments become vivid memories that you’ll always treasure.

Blake Carby Cooksey

Meet Blake Carby Cooksey! With a keen eye for the significant moments of weddings, the milestones of seniors, the intimacy of couples, and the warmth of families, Blake transcends the traditional roles of a photographer. Here, it’s about sparking genuine connections, transforming a simple shoot into a comfortable and memorable experience. Dive deeper into Blake’s world on her website.

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The Roberts Photo

For almost 8 years, Andy has poured his heart and soul into the world of wedding and portrait photography. With over 100 weddings under his belt, his love for the craft continues to grow. But for Andy, it’s not just about taking beautiful photos—it’s about the couples he has the privilege of working with. Their love stories ignite his passion, making each project an unforgettable experience.

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Marli Johnson

My love for photography began several years ago, shortly after my son was born. I started taking photos as a hobby and very quickly realized how much I would love to make a career out of photography! My work reflects this as I strive to capture real emotion and joy in every session. I work hard to bring out the fun smiles and giggles in every one I meet and photograph.

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Megan Brunner

Megan Brunner is a documentary-style photographer who specializes in capturing authentic, heartfelt moments between couples. With a passion for capturing raw, unposed emotions, Megan’s photos serve as a time capsule for some of life’s most precious memories. Her unique ability to make her clients feel comfortable in their own skin shines through in every shot, resulting in an experience that is fun, genuine, and unforgettable. Megan’s ultimate goal is to create an experience that her clients will cherish for a lifetime, making her the perfect choice for anyone looking to capture life’s most precious moments.

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Destiny Raven Photography

My pursuit is simple yet profound: to give a voice to your imagery, a soul to your stills. I document moments, curbing time in a frame, turning fleeting into forever.

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Sarah Foster

Sarah Foster is a talented documentary style photographer, videographer, and birth doula, with a passion for capturing authentic moments and emotional connections. Based in Shreveport, Louisiana, Sarah has been honing her craft for over a decade, focusing on maternity, birth, and newborn photography since 2017, while still capturing a wide range of subjects that align with her unique brand. As a wife and mother of three girls, Sarah understands the power of preserving precious memories.

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Carly Butts

Carly is an award-winning photographer with a decade of experience, based in North Louisiana. Specializing in weddings, seniors, and families, Carly’s expertise and passion for her craft have earned her the recognition of being named the Best Photographer of SBmag in 2023. With Carly behind the lens, your precious moments come to life, each frame capturing the essence of love, joy, and connection. Get ready to be inspired as Carly’s creativity and skill reveal themselves in every image she captures.

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Logan Rhoads

In the world of photography, Logan is an artist at heart. With a deep-rooted love for capturing the essence of life’s most precious moments, hi keen eye for detail is second to none. Photography for Logan is not just a hobby – it’s a passion that drives them to go above and beyond, consistently creating stunning images that speak to the soul.

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Sara McNeal

Introducing Sara McNeal Photography: a celebration of divine beauty, captured one frame at a time. With every click, Sara and her trusted camera stand as witnesses to the world’s wonders. Here, every snapshot is a testament to the breathtaking creations around us. Venture into Sara’s lens, where the extraordinary awaits.

Breanna Kristine

Specializing in weddings, Breanna not only immortalizes the joyous union of couples, but also finds great delight in portrait photography. Her work can be described as a harmonious blend of true-to-life coloring and the evocative storytelling of a documentary.

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Gracie Wall

With a keen eye for capturing moments candidly and an editorial flair that merges effortlessly with her creative vision, Gracie creates a riveting tapestry of visual storytelling. Her vibrant and inspired compositions reflect her unique ability to infuse every frame with a raw and unfiltered spirit.

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Jillian Batson

I’m Jillian Batson. Photographer of raw emotion and real moments on your big day, from LA to TX and beyond. Here for the laughter and the honest love, with a camera in hand. Let’s capture your story, simply and profoundly.

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Brittney Malone

At the heart of who I am, I cherish my family and friends deeply, above all else. Quality time spent together holds immeasurable value, whether its being outdoors, new adventures, or snuggled up at home. My commitment to service extends beyond my personal circle – whether in church or through the charity organizations I am a member of. My dedication to creating meaningful connections exudes with every  couple I capture.

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Holland Ware

Whether it is a couple marrying the love of their life, or a woman seeing herself in a way she’s never seen before, this career has my heart and soul. I strive to capture raw beautiful moments through my lens. I seek raw and natural movements that tell a story. I believe in authenticity and wholehearted love, to me there is nothing in this world more precious than family and the one who hold yours heart.

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Magnolias in Mae Photography 

Taylor with Magnolias in Mae Photography has been honing her craft for well over ten years now and has found what she’s meant to do- capture life and love in the most special way. Turning what some would consider a simple photo into art and making you feel like the star of your own life is really the only goal.

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Macy Martinez

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