Meet the Posey family

At Revelator Studio, our ultimate goal is to provide photographers and creatives in the Shreveport-Bossier region with the resources they need to thrive. We believe in the power of friendship, nurturing connections through the studio, over shared meals, and casual conversations over coffee. Together, we can achieve greatness, as we embark on a remarkable journey where inspiration thrives and unique artistic visions come to life. Discover the endless possibilities that await within the walls of our California-inspired natural light studio – here, your creativity has no limits.

Our Story

After 7 fulfilling years as professional creatives in California, Justin and Hannah made the decision to return to Shreveport, LA. Their motivation? To embrace a slower pace of life and focus on raising their two boys, Grayson and Neeko.

Revelator Studio was more than just a dream on paper; it was the natural next step for Justin and Hannah as they transitioned from full-time photography. Their vision? To create a safe haven for fellow photographers, offering a space where meaningful projects could flourish.

Their mission: to fill a void in Shreveport with a clean, modern, California-inspired natural light studio that would truly resonate with its members. Revelator Studio is not just a place to work; it’s a place where value is intrinsically woven into every fiber of the experience.

Justin Posey

From 2010 to 2015, Shreveport served as Justin’s home. It was here that he discovered Hannah, the love of his life, and together with Andy Roberts, co-created the incredible #ThatLACommunity. After tying the knot, Justin embarked on a journey to California, accepting a position as a photographer and graphic designer with Bethel Music in Redding, California.

Immersed in crucial projects like “Have It All,” “After All These Years,” and “Where His Light Was,” Justin’s talent and dedication propelled him to become the Communications Director and ultimately the Creative Director at Jesus Culture in Sacramento, CA. Leading a small yet impactful team, he spearheaded an array of projects and played a pivotal role in the growth of the local church there.

Justin’s true calling lies in cultivating a community that bridges the gap between the arts and the church, igniting a profound connection in the hearts of creatives.

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Hannah Posey

Hannah’s roots trace back to Louisiana, where she grew up with a passion for photography. It was during her pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Photography at Louisiana Tech University that she crossed paths with Justin. Love blossomed in the depths of the darkroom, where their shared fascination with the art of photography ignited a spark 😉

Following their wedding, Hannah embraced California as her home, building her photography career around a documentary style, aimed at honestly telling the stories of her clients. Her remarkable talent caught the attention of prestigious publications such as Junebug Weddings, 100 Layer Cake, and Green Wedding Shoes

Hannah’s influence extended beyond her breathtaking images. Successfully orchestrating the sold-out photography workshop, Unravel, amidst the Redwoods, she created an unforgettable experience with her friends and fellow creatives Laurken Kendall, Grant Daniels, and Bethany Mossburg.

While Hannah still practices her craft on a smaller scale, she believes that the most important moments in life revolve around raising a family. After all, these fleeting moments are meant to be deeply cherished.

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