Make A Ruckus

Most people don’t have the resources in their bank or their heart to succeed in their work. But you do, because you’re showing up.

Here are three empowering thoughts for you today:

Stick With It

Show up every day, over and over again and do meaningful work. You may feel like you don’t have the energy or drive to keep going today, but you actually do. Create a history of quietly building something that matters and actually works, so that when other people notice you they see something they want to be a part of.

Find the Resources

There will always be a dip in the process. You cannot have peaks without valleys, or a center without the edges. Most people don’t have the resources in the bank or in their heart to get through the hard times. Find the resources NOW to get to the other side, because that’s where you succeed! Only 5-10% of people get there because they give up too soon.


If we seek to change the culture for the better we don’t need more hype, we need the reserves and the belief to stick with it long enough to make it through the valley.

As Seth Godin says….Go Make a Ruckus!